Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Flower Dolls

Flower Dolls - Amigurumi Style
Original Design by Fiber Star – Samantha Stopple -
Copyright March 2006

You are free to use these designs for your personal use. You may sell items you make with these locally but NOT online. If you do make these please make note that you used my design. When you print off the design to have a copy for your peronal use make sure it includes this disclamer and my name.

These patterns are a work in progress so check back later for any changes.

WW yarn - I used Red Heart super saver and TLC Essentials
Embroidery thread for making facial features
Poly Fiberfill (and possibly plastic beads filling to make them stand up or marbles). I didn’t use them for that because I wanted them to be safe for babies.
F hook
Needle to whip stitch pieces together
Embroidery needle for making facial features

Notes: Worked in rounds w/o joining for most of the body parts
Leave long tails for joining

Use a piece if yarn or some kind of stitch marker to mark ends of rounds.

Find out more about using a magic ring here

And more about amigurumi construction here

Flower A: This is the one with a purple flower hat, purple ruffle, leaves for arms and legs.
I plan on getting a photo up soon. I can't find the doll it's become a popular toy in our house.

Magic ring

R1: 6 sc in ring (mark beg, if next row here) - 6

R2: 2sc in each sc - 12
R3: 2sc in 1 sc, 1sc repeat to the beg. – 18
R4-6: sc around R7: dec, then 1sc around - Need to stuff here (maybe sooner)
R8: repeat R7

Skinny body/ Stem
Magic ring
R1: 7sc in ring
R2: sc, 2sc, around (10 sc?)
R3-9: sc around fasten off? (I’m pretty sure I did not decrease)

I may not make a skinny body when I make more.

Arms and legs are like leaves Arms - make 2
Ch8- sl st, 3sc, 2hdc, 3dc (in the last stitch), then on the other side 2hdc , 2sc, sl st, fasten off

Legs – make 2
Ch6 sl st 2sc, 2hdc, 5 dc (in last ch), 2hdc, 2sc, sl st, fasten off

Flower for head:

Magic ring
6sc in ring sl st to join
*(ch2, dc, ch3, sl st ) in one sc then sl st into the nxt sc* and repeat from *to* until finished last petal then fasten off. Leave tail to attach to top of the head.

magic ring
R1: 7sc in ring - 7
R2: 2sc in ea sc - 14
?maybe one more row arounf all sc
then picot stitch around in each sc (14 picots)

I may make the the flower bigger in future dolls by using trs or dtrs.

Flower ruffle around neck:
*Ch8 sl st into the first ch, 2sc, 2 hdc, 1 dc* repeat from *to* 5 or more times to make it large enough to fit around the “neck" of the doll.

Whip stitch body parts together and embroider facial features on dolls if desired.

Flower B: This is the one with the green leave hat/hair and yellow ruffle

Flower Doll BFlower Doll B

Head: same as for Flower A

The Stem / Body
Magic ring
R1: 7sc in ring – 7
R2: 2sc in sc around - 14
R3-8?9: sc around

R10: dec around – 7

Flower Ruffle:

*Ch10 st, 3sc, 3hdc, 2dc,* repeat 4-5 times to fit around the neck

The green leaf hat / hair
magic ring
R1: 7sc in ring
R2: 2sc in each sc 14
R3-4: sc around
Then start a “leaf” look: repeat 6 times in 6sc across : *ch3 sl st in same sc* then sl st in the nxt sc* repeat from *to* Then in the remaining 8sc do the following: *ch4, sl st, 2sc, 1 hdc then sl st in the next st* repeat from *to*

Whip stitch body parts together and embroider facial features on dolls if desired.

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